The company develops a wide range of marine documentation for ships, offshore structures, products.

List of service:

  • Stability calculations, including stability calculation for carriage of bulk cargoes and carriage of grain;
  • Damage stability calculations;
  • Strength calculations;
  • Residual hull thickness;
  • Ballast water management plan;
  • Ice strength calculation;
  • Fire plans;
  • Dangerous goods carriage plan;
  • Ship’s operation documentations:
  • - Training manuals;
  • - Fire safety training manual and operational booklet;
  • - Maintenance plan for life saving and fire protections systems and appliances;
  • - Emergency towing procedure;
  • Capacity calculation;
  • Enhances survey program;
  • Grounding for the one-time trip possibility;
  • Garbage management plan;
  • Graunding for carriage of non-standard, large cargoes;
  • Documentation for ship’s modernization.