Verification, maintenance and test of life-saving appliances 

IMSG S.R.L. performs a full range of inspection, maintenance and testing services lifeboats and rescue boats, launching devices, release mechanisms.

Our service include

Inspection, maintenance, repair and testing:

  • launching lifeboats;
  • free fall boats;
  • rescue boats;
  • launching devices of landed lifeboats;
  • launching devices of free-fall boats;
  • launching devices of rescue boats;
  • release mechanisms (under load / no load);
  • self-deploying hooks of launching liferafts.

Company equippment

The company is provided with all the necessary equipment to perform this service. We have test bags with a total volume of 6 tons, bags for loading inside boats (150 liters each), dynamometers, motor pumps and other means.

To carry out work on testing the launching devices of boats, we do not need assistance from the ship's crew, representatives of the plant and the port where the ship is. Our specialists completely carry out all the work independently and present it to the inspector of the classification society.

Equippment of our service stantion

Flag Authorizations:

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